How To Play Bowmasters

Bowmasters is one of the most popular aim and shoot games that is full of action and entertainment. Aside from that, it gets your gears grinding because you have to apply the laws of Physics to win against opponents. In other words, this game is not all about shooting aimlessly or endlessly. You also have to think and aim well before releasing that javelin or whatever weapon your particular character has. And if you need more practice in aiming and shooting, we got some handy tips for you.


Bowmasters Gameplay


Know Your Weapon

Bowmasters gives you the chance to try out different weapons when you start unlocking new characters. Once you get a new character, take time to learn his or her extra powers. So know the strengths and weaknesses of your character’s weapon by experiencing it for yourself! Just allow yourself to have a trial and error phase if you need it. You can also try using different strategies for each character to know which could give you the most success.

Give Your Best Shot

Even if you are new to the game, don’t attack in a low power mode. Rather, you have to give it your best shot each time—even when you are still starting out! So on your first attack, go all out and maximize your power!

On succeeding attacks, you can already gauge your accuracy and performance. Depending on the distance, you might not need to go all out. It is during the early attempts that you can calculate the range percentage and set it around 10 to 20 percent, depending on distance and barriers. Aside from power, you have to check your distance and timing as well. While aiming, try to achieve a headshot. Headshots give out more coins, and this also kills your enemy instantly!

Earn Coins in Many Ways

Like other games, Bowmasters have in-game coins which are required to unlock new characters for your next battles. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend real money on this (it’s just optional).

There are several ways to earn free coins in Bowmasters and one of the obvious ones is to win a battle! Aside from that, you can also watch ad videos. Another way is to play the Duck Hunt mode. This mode could earn you 300 coins when you hit at least 15 ducks! You can also collect bonus power-ups from this mode too.

Now that you know how to play Bowmasters, why not download and play the game on PC? Just locate the download icon or go straight to our download page to get started!