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Bowmasters: Gameplay Guide, Tips & Unlocking Characters

Bowmasters is a fun aim and shoot game for players of varying ages, but not for very young children due to some graphic violence. But overall, the cartoony feel and visuals are great enough to entertain lots of players.

To progress in the game, you need to win against your enemies. This means that you have to aim with accuracy and shoot with the right amount of power. If you are good at Physics, you will find this game a bit easier. If Physics is not your thing, don’t worry—practice makes perfect!

Winning in Bowmasters Gives You More Coins

As mentioned, winning is the main goal of this game. Thus, you always need to aim, shoot, and inflict damage to your opponent. There are times when it takes several shots before finally destroying the enemy, but a headshot could kill them at once.


Bowmasters Characters


And every time you win, you earn coins for it. If you managed to kill the enemy with a headshot, you will be rewarded with more coins! It’s important to rack up as many coins as you can because this helps you unlock better characters with high-powered weapons in the game.

Aside from winning battles, there are several other ways to earn coins in Bowmasters. There is a Duck Hunt mode that can reward you with over 300 coins if you can shoot at least 15 Ducks. Another option is to watch video ads that pop up during the game. It may be very annoying, but it helps you collect more coins.

How to Unlock New Characters in Bowmasters

Bowmasters gives you the chance to try on different characters for a change, but it’s not for free. In the beginning, you must defeat an AI first before you can unlock a new character. There are numerous characters to unlock on Bowmasters, and listed below are the most popular ones and how to unlock them.

These characters are popular among players because of their special abilities. Here are some of the most well-loved characters in Bowmasters and how to unlock them:

Unlock at the Chest Roulette

  • Shark: uses the trident of Poseidon
  • Shovel Demon: uses a shovel to attack
  • Chang Wu King: uses a unicorn to attack
  • Maestro: uses a bottle of acid to attack
  • Mike: uses a burning ball to attack

Unlock by Watching 15 Videos

  • Varg Blackburn: uses a Molotov cocktail

Unlock with 3000 Coins

  • Arnold the Unstoppable: uses a Tomahawk weapon

Unlock with 5000 Coins

  • Hipster: uses a selfie phone to attack
  • Old Man: attacks with a swordfish
  • Julius: attacks with a Champion’s spear
  • Mime: uses a baguette to attack
  • Fernando: uses a turtle shell to attack

Unlock with 7000 Coins

  • Leonidas: uses a simple spear as an attack

Unlock with 10000 Coins

  • Terrance: attacks with a chainsaw

In Bowmasters, you can experience archery on a totally different level! So if you haven’t tried it yet, download and play the game on your PC now.