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Bowmasters: Know All the Types of Weapons

Bowmasters is not your typical archery game where you use a bow and arrow to defeat your opponent. It is unique because you get to play different characters with special weapons. These weapons are fit for each character and it is up to you to learn and maximize their function. Once you get the hang of each weapon, claiming victory is not that hard.

Different Types of Weapons in Bowmasters

  • Flag
  • Alien probe
  • Watermelon
  • Katana blade
  • Arrow
  • Champion’s spear
  • Propeller
  • F1 grenade
  • CD-R
  • Aspen pike
  • Trash can
  • Frozen spear
  • Flag
  • Snowball
  • Firework arrow
  • Magic card

These are just some of the many weapons that different characters have in Bowmasters. You will be able to experience all of them if you keep on playing, collect coins, and unlock new characters from time to time.


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Bowmasters Weapon Per Group

However, you also have to know that weapons are further categorized into specific groups. They are grouped into Normal Weapons, Circular Weapons, and Special Weapons.

Normal Weapons

Normal weapons are also called straight projectiles. By its name, the weapon just goes straight across the other side upon release. As you aim it, the weapon will just fly directly in a straight path to the other side of the screen. This is the first type of weapon that players would encounter in Bowmasters.

It could take many attempts before you can secure a successful hit. But there are some players who tend to be lucky on the first attack. If your first hit goes to the opponent’s head, expect major damage and instant win!

Circular Weapons

Circular weapons or rotating projectiles can be very tricky to use. These are heavier compared to straight projectiles. They are also larger and fly at a slower rate too. These weapons work like a boomerang. Upon its release, players can tap it so it would go back to the other direction.

Obviously, it’s much harder to control compared to normal weapons. However, the good thing about circular weapons is, it could cause extreme damage to the enemy. So one hit could be all it takes!

Special Weapons

Special weapons or special projectiles are more unique and varied compared to the first two types. Each special weapon has a little extra in terms of performance. While these weapons are launched, the player can tap on it mid-air and an explosion or some other shenanigan could happen.

New weapons can only be used when you unlock a new character. So make sure you earn enough coins to unlock them! If you need to know more about Bowmasters, you can read the basic gameplay mechanics here or experience playing the game. Download bowmasters now!